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RadioFolk.dk presents a great collection of amazing live recordings from the Danish Tønder Festival 2013 – 2017!

The Danish Tønder Festival runs the last weekend of August every year, and has been [...]

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Tønder Festival by Night! The festival has been going on for more the 14 years, and is still an important festival for a lot of people and artists from Denmark and around the world. Photo: Ard Jongsma

The Danish Tønder Festival runs the last weekend of August every year, and has been doing so since 1974. The festival line-up consists of a large number of brilliant roots and folk bands from Ireland, Scotland, England, the US, Canada, Scandinavia and of cause from Denmark.

Ever since 2013, RadioFolk.dk has been recording quite a few Danish, Danish-Scandinavian and Norwegian roots, folk and trad bands at the festival, and now you can listen to a wonderful selection of these live-recordings in a serie of shows, most of them hosted in English, and all of them brought to you free of any charge.

The feature includes bands like:

Dreamers’ Circus (DK/S), Spöket i Köket (DK/S), Habadekuk (DK), Basco (DK/S/AUS), Floating Sofa Quartet (DK/S/SF), Fru Skagerrak (DK/S/N), Northern Assembly (DK/FO/GB), World on a String (DK/IND), Julie Alapnes (N), Himmerland (DK/GH/S), Ida Wenøe (DK), Jensen & Bugge (DK), Fromseier Hockings (DK), Odde & Holmen (N), Phønix (DK), Trolska Polska (DK/S), Det Yderste Hav, and many more…

Peter Hellesøe (on the left) is actually recording all the concerts from his stationcar, and when the work of the day is done, he sleeps in the car to make sure that nothing happens to his recording gear. Morten Alfred on the right is the editor in chief at RadioFolk.dk! This photo was taken in August 2017. Photo: Leiv solberg

Morten Alfred Høirup, editor of the programs says:

“I am so happy that it has been possible to document all these great Danish-Scandinavian bands through the years, and I would like to thank Rosa – Danish Rock Council, Tempi – Roots Music of Denmark, Tønder Festival, and the Danish Arts Foundation, for their support and cooperation. Also Peter Hellesøe who has been recording and mixing deserves to be mentioned, in fact he has done a tremendous job from his little black stationcar. And thank you to all the bands for their support as well, and to Erling Olsen from Go Danish Folk Music for his hard work through the years.”

You can enjoy the music and dig into the Scandinavian world of culture by streaming on demand, and by podcasting these concerts at: https://radiofolk.dk/folk-live/