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Folk i Nattten

Welcome to RadioFolk.dk

RadioFolk.dk is a non-comercial online radio station for anyone with an interest for Danish and international roots, folk and trad music in all its diversity.


The idea behind RadioFolk.dk is to promote and inform about Danish roots, folk and trad music and it’s practitioners, seen in an international perspective, and grounded in a open defination of the “roots, folk & trad music” concept.

RadioFolk.dk is aiming for cooperation with good forces and enthusiasts, to be able to offer Danish and international listeners a variated supply of music programs based on quality, originality and musical diversity.


RadioFolk.dk is managed by a perpetual editorial board and steering committee, with a given number of representatives of the Danish roots, folk & trad music movement.

The editorial board consists of:

Morten Alfred Høirup, editor, program planner, strategy (Musician, composer, music journalist etc.)

Erling Olsen, programmer and strategy (Musician, record company director etc.)

Rasmus Wehner, teqnique and strategy (ROSA – Danish Rock Council)


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